This campaign is set in the Forgotten Realms, specifically Baldur’s Gate and the Western Heartlands. Since its inception, adventures have expanded far beyond the starting region, and the campaign has now gone planar…

The campaign is morally ambiguous… the nicest alignment is neutral, and half of the group is shamelessly evil. It’s a dark game with mature content… this is not a game suitable for children or even most players out there. Good-aligned PCs, the few that have tried, simply do not last, nor do they fit in. Each character has his/her/its own motives for adventuring, sometimes as simple as getting rich, while at other times, something far more sinister and scheming. Party balance is maintained through the adage, “mutually assured destruction.”

This does not mean that the characters plot or act against each other… they were staunch friends long before they gained the power facilitating such plotting, and they stick together. Of course, there are advantages to being friends with a High Battlepriest of Tempus, even though he serves as their only moral guidance (even he has slipped from Chaotic Good to Chaotic Neutral). As the party gains in power, however, their goals may eventually conflict, but for now they remain the same.

The year is 1373 by Dale Reckoning (The Year of Rogue Dragons), and a Realm-spanning Dragon War has caused the near-annihilation of all of Faerun. In one fell swoop, Tiamat, supported by evil dragons and dragonspawn, conquered the world and now occupies it. The survivors of the Realms, or at least the powerful ones, have gathered in Sigil, where they work to defeat Tiamat through unconventional means. Their “guerilla” war has taken them to the Astral Plane, where they destroyed the Githyanki city of Tu’narath, and to the Plane of Shadow, which they recently used to reach the alternate dimension where Bahamut is believed to be imprisoned. That alternate dimension turned out to be our modern world… Urban Arcana!

The Adventuring Charter

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